Optimize Employment for Everyone (1)
On Demand eLearning
Optimize Employment for Everyone (1)
The traditional route to employment, through winning job competitions, does not work for those under-represented in the labour market as they are often screened out of job competitions. These job seekers will not be successful overcoming these...
Optimize Employer Engagement eProgram (R) (2.2)
On Demand eLearning
Optimize Employer Engagement eProgram (R) (2.2)
The program covers the practical, effective strategies and skills needed to engage employers to hire all levels of job seekers, including those with employment barriers. It includes a three hour eLearning course, Optimize Employment for Everyone,...
Leading and Managing Job Development (3)
On Demand eLearning
Leading and Managing Job Development (3)
During this live webinar recording, managers will learn what it takes to weave employer services into employment services. Leader-Managers will learn how to plan for, and to build a “culture of job development”. A culture which blends client...
Job Development for People with a Criminal History (4)
On Demand eLearning
Job Development for People with a Criminal History (4)
Landing jobs for people with criminal histories can be a daunting task. This task becomes harder based on the type and severity of the offense. Yet, these people need to go to work and to restart their lives. It can be difficult for Job...
Job Development for People with Intellectual Disabilities (5)
On Demand eLearning
Job Development for People with Intellectual Disabilities (5)
Job Development for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: A Specialized Approach Employers may view people with an intellectual disability as less favourable job candidates. You may have your own doubts about where these people can work and...

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